Friday 5: I have GREAT NEWS to share with you.

The Best Church Basketball Team in the Universe

The Best Church Basketball Team in the Universe

1.  I talked with Aunt Sissy on the phone yesterday, and she wanted me to tell EVERYONE thank you for praying for her.  She was in surgery on Monday for almost 11 hours.  The doctor removed the tumor in her pancreas and rerouted her organs.  She said she won’t be doing any sit ups any time soon.  We will get the results from the lab in a few days to determine if they were able to remove all the cancer.  Keep praying for a Christmas miracle! Thank you.

2.  Wayne Shellnut got great news from the surgeon yesterday that he will NOT have to have a knee replacement.  PRAISE GOD!  Wayne is in great spirits and is ready to kick cancer’s butt (my paraphrase).  Keep praying for Wayne as he will go through chemo, radiation, and another surgery on his knee in 2014.  Also pray for our Graystone Church basketball team without Wayne on the floor.  He is “arguably” our best player.  Wayne didn’t like me using the term “arguably” and says I could say that about EVERY player on the team.

3.  My Mississippi Mullets are in the Graystone Fantasy Football Championship against the Little White Guys, Ken Sirmans.  This is Ken’s first year on staff and his first year to play fantasy football, so I think his luck will run out this weekend.  My starting line up is Nick Foles, Knowshon Moreno, DeMarco Murray, Megatron, Minitron (Julian Edelman), Orange Julius Thomas, Marquis Colston or MJD (Flex), and the Detroit Lions Defense.  These are the guys you want to be praying and pulling for on Sunday as you are watching the NFL.

4. Over 2500 people have already reserved FREE tickets for our Christmas services at Graystone.  PRAISE GOD!  2 of the 7 services are “SOLD OUT”.  If you have not reserved a seat for you and your family, you can it online here.

5.  The 2013 Christmas Offering is already the 2nd largest offering in Graystone history.  PRAISE GOD!  Thank you so much to EVERYONE who has given.  We still have a long way to go to reach our goal of $250,000, but God always provides exactly what we need.  If you have not given to the Christmas offering, you have until December 31.  If you would like to give online, you can so here.  We will share more on Sunday at both campuses on the latest status of the Christmas offering.  More gifts have been coming in each day this week.

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