Random Thoughts: God loves Auburn

kyle and Jessica

Acoustic version of “O Holy Night” with Kyle & Jessica at 12pm service (Ozora Campus)

It’s Monday morning, and I have a million thoughts running through my mind.

Some of them are random.

Here goes.

God loves Auburn.  Apparently, Louie Giglio and Andy Stanley are Auburn fans. So, there you have it.

I thought Nate did a great job with his message yesterday, especially sharing the metanarrative leading up to Jesus’ birth.  I’m still trying to figure out what The Bachelor had to do with it, but I guess that was for the ladies?

I was able to be at both campuses yesterday and absolutely loved it.  Both campuses were full of friendly faces in the lobby greeting people, incredible music and obviously, the same message (I didn’t venture into the Graystone Kids area.).  I honestly thought Nate’s message was better on video, but it could have just been the fact that it was the second time I heard it.

Ken Sirmans is a great campus pastor.  Just sayin.

I’ve now seen the 2012 Christmas Offering Highlight Video approximately 10 times.   And I like watching it every time.  It is so encouraging to see how God is using us (Graystone friends and family) to impact lives for all eternity.

Santa told Jennifer yesterday that Graystone is the best group of people he has ever worked with (And I don’t think Santa would just “blow smoke”.)  He said that our kids are sweet, nice and our parents are great.  Good character goes a long way.

Let me give another big shout out to Justin Wojtczak  and www.375photography for taking our Santa pictures.  What a great service to us! I’m so glad that I don’t have to take that dreaded family trip to the mall to wait in line and pay an outrageous price to have my kids picture made with Santa.

Sweet Brie made some bows for Christmas decorations at our house.  She was sharing with me yesterday that all I needed to do was “fluff the bows”.  I told Brie that I have never fluffed a bow and didn’t plan on starting anytime soon.

Jennifer and I were privileged to attend the Empty Nesters Small Group Christmas Party last night.  What a great group of people!  Several of them were asking me why we were changing our services times at the Ozora Campus.  They said they loved the 10:30 service, and it was perfect for their lunch schedule.

Well, most of us agree that 10:30 is the perfect time for church which explains why over 50% of Graystone Ozora comes at 10:30.  Bottom line, we are changing times so more people will come to the early service, and we can “make room” for more people.  We are basically changing the times for the same reason we do 90% of what we do at Graystone…to reach more people with the love of Jesus Christ!

Well, Christmas @ Graystone has already been phenomenal, and we are only 1 day in.  I can’t wait to see all the God does during the most wonderful time of the year.  If you haven’t reserved a FREE ticket for you and your family for one of the Graystone Christmas Services, you can do online here.

Let me close with this.  God loves Auburn.  God also loves YOU.  This is what the joy of Christmas is all about.

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