Graystone Students share tweets about Fall Retreat

The Fall Retreat was a phenomenal weekend for Graystone middle school and high school kids.  I thought it would be cool if I showed you what some of the students shared on Twitter.  It was so encouraging to see my Twitter feed blowing up with students sharing about an incredible Fall Retreat.

A big THANK YOU to Allison and Alan Smith, Quint, Aaron, Jennifer, Andrew and all of our incredible adult volunteers.  God is using you to change students’  lives for forever, and we, parents, are eternally grateful.  I appreciate ALL of you.  And thank you to those who paid the way for students who couldn’t afford to go.  IT IS MORE BLESSED TO GIVE THAN TO RECEIVE!

Here are some of the students tweets (ENJOY):

Andrew Hayes ‏This weekend changed my perspective on everything
Callie Sirmans ‏This weekend was so powerful 🙏

Zach king ‏This weekend impacted my life so much and I wish I could go back #build

joelan  One of the best moments of my life was when Christian and everyone huddled around me.


@RMath13: Maybe my life was never supposed to be about me. Maybe I was made for something greater.”

grayson gavulic ‏  The fall retreat was fantastic and I’m so glad I got to share it with my fam-forever. God is so good and his love is so great #Build ⛪️

joelan ‏  If you love God and love others, everything else will fall into place.

Hunter Burnett ‏  The best feeling is having 15 brothers with you as you all grow closer to Christ

Graystone Students Loved our student share time this morning! The Lord did some amazing things this weekend. #Build


Beth Anne Brice ‏  We love because God loved.

Ella Stevens ‏I wish I could’ve gone to camp this weekend 😭 when’s the next one!? Graystone Students ‏  @stevens_ella hey Dnow in the Spring.

carley grace  Gained so many brother and sisters this weekend. Graystone church has a spot for everyone and we are family. Ups and downs we have each other

Rafiki ‏My feeling about this weekend is indescribable

Rafiki ‏ I love my church

Julia Howes ‏Take me deeper than my feet could ever wander, and my faith will be made stronger in the presence of my Savior💕

carley grace ‏With a lot of prayer anything can happen❤️


Zach king ‏  This weekend was the best expierence I’ve ever had

sydney morgan My sister accepted Christ this weekend and I couldn’t be happier 😘


paige ‏I’m so thankful for my church fam💒 Graystone studs 4ever

Zach king  I love my church and everyone in it. Thank you all for everything this weekend #fallretreat

carley grace ‏Like do y’all understand how great god is?

Taylor Dirkse ‏This weekend was SO great
Graystone Students ‏Reppin the new shirts.


Taylor Dirkse ‏ I love my crazy, big, wonderful family ❤️


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