The Controversy of Baptism

bradley's baptism

Bradley Kohler crashing the waters of baptism

Over the last 1600-1700 years baptism has been a huge controversy in the church.  In fact, entire denominations have been formed over the issue of baptism.  Since Graystone is truly a nondenominational church, our congregation is full of people from all different kinds of church backgrounds.

At Graystone, we practice believer’s baptism by immersion.  This means that the person baptized is fully submersed under water after he/she has put his/her faith in Jesus.  Baptism is a public profession of faith and the demonstration of a CHANGED LIFE.  Baptism doesn’t save us.  Only Jesus can.  It is simply an outward expression of an inward CHANGE.  It is the uniform we wear.  And if someone disagrees with our “doctrine” of believer’s baptism, it does not mean that they cannot be a member or a part of Graystone Church.

I will be teaching Sunday on what the Bible says about baptism, and we will be looking at the example of Jesus’ baptism.  I will also be sharing some things I learned about Jesus’ baptism on my Holy Land Trip that will be new information for 99.9% of you.  I even think this will be new revelation for some of you whom I consider theologians and Bible scholars.  And of course, I will throw up a picture on the big screen from our trip to Israel.  (BTW, I think pictures from our Holy Land Trip will start replacing my old mullet pictures and pictures of me catching big fish.  I will always mention the time I struck out Brett Favre.)

Hey, this Sunday will be one of the most exciting and significant days in the life of Graystone Church as dozens of people are crashing the waters of baptism and going public with their faith in Jesus.  If you are someone who is getting baptized, I want you to know how proud I am of you.  Also, I want to encourage you to invite your friends and family to come and celebrate this special day in your spiritual journey.  Let’s pray that God would use your act of obedience to CHANGE someone life for all eternity.

If someone from your small group or a friend of yours is getting baptized, please come support them and be there to encourage and  cheer them on.  It will be a high energy, party-like atmosphere.  I can already feel the excitement in the air, and it’s only Thursday morning.  This is what it’s all about Graystone Church!


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