5 Thoughts about the Night of Worship at Graystone

KATBZach on his kneesStudents at NOW

The Night of Worship at Graystone was AMAZING!  I absolutely loved it.  And I’m pretty sure that EVERYONE there loved it.

Here are my initial thoughts about the NOW:

1.  God was glorified!  The name of Jesus was lifted high.  It truly was a night of worship.

2.  It was the loudest Graystone Church has ever sung and the most expressive we have ever been in worship.

3.  It was so incredible to see a mob of middle and high school students down front singing, jumping, raising their hands, and worshipping God.  Oh wow!  It gave me goosebumps and maybe a tear or two…not that I am a crier.

4. The musicians and singers that God has brought to Graystone are pretty stinking talented.  We are blessed!  It’s so neat to see them using their gifts and abilities to honor and serve God.

5. Let’s do it again!

The album is recorded and heading to the studio.  It will take several months to mix, engineer, and mass produce.  The CD will be available sometime after the first of the year…mid-January.  And the songs will be available for download on iTunes in February.  It would be great if we could have a CD release party.  I will keep you posted.

A big SHOUT OUT goes to Kyle, Zach, the band, and each person who worked so hard on this project.  And thank you to EVERYONE who participated in the Night of Worship.  Our first worship album is another milestone in the life of Graystone Church.  The best is yet to come!

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  1. WOW!! What a Night
    I’ll put this at the top as one of the Best Services at Graystone! It was AMAZING to see everyone come together and worship, the kids down front were incredible. What a Blessing to see how they were worshiping and enjoying it.
    Whoever had this vision for Night of Worship deserves a Big Thank You. Can’t wait to get my hands on the CD.

  2. I agree with all 5 of your points Jonathan – esp the last one! Let’s do it again! Amazing time of worship – thanks to everyone who made it happen!

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