Set List for the Night of Worship at Graystone Church

Night of WorshipPosted by Kyle Hale, Worship Leader

We are less than 10 days away from our Night of Worship and live recording!  We hope that you are as excited about it as we are.  We anticipate this being an extraordinary night, so we hope that you come prepared to sing at the top of your lungs.  Our hopes are that you come ready to worship.  By ready, I mean you come eager, you come unreserved, you come anticipating God to move like you’ve never experienced before.  So when you step into the building on September 25, leave your cares at the door, because we want this night to be us, as a church, pouring our hearts out to the Living God.

That being said, we feel the best way to get you ready is to share with you the songs that we will be singing on the night of the 25th.  That way you will be familiar with the songs and able to sing them with us as loud as you possibly can.  We’ve gotten several requests for the N.O.W. and Zach and I have selected songs that we feel are current to Graystone Church and ones that speak to the heart of our church.  We wanted to have songs on a CD that you wouldn’t be able to find on the radio.  We also wanted to put together a list of songs that you could pop into your cd player and have a worship service as you drive into work.  We feel that no matter what you’re dealing with or what walk of life you’re in, these songs will speak to each and every person.

Another way you can help us out is by inviting your friends and family.  We want to pack this place out and it’s also an easy way to invite someone to Graystone Church for the first time.

We are very eager and excited to worship with you on Wednesday, September 25!

Setlist (Click the song title to watch on YouTube):



Open Up Our Eyes

Oh How I Need You

Called Me Higher

Come To Me

Holy Spirit

In Your Presence

Our Great God

God is For Us

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