40 Day Prayer Challenge…How To Get Started

Draw The Circle_homepage-1Today is Day 1 in our 40 Day Prayer Challenge.  Several people have asked what they are supposed to do and how do you “draw a prayer circle”.   I will be explaining the idea/concept/illustration of “drawing a prayer circle” in next Sunday’s message at Graystone Church.  Yesterday, I wanted to share the basics of prayer and give an overview of the purpose of prayer before we dive into the 40 days of prayer.  As the author, Mark Batterson, says in the introduction of the book, Draw the Circle:

The goal of the forty-day prayer challenge isn’t to get what you want by day 40.  In fact, the goal isn’t to get what you want at all.  The goal is to figure out what God wants, what God wills.  Then you start circling it in prayer and don’t stop until God answers.

So, here’s how you get started.  Today is day 1 of the 40 Day Prayer Challenge.  Read the devotion for Day 1 in the book, Draw the Circle.  Then, get on your knees and P.R.A.Y.  Our model for prayer is The Lord’s Prayer (Matthew 6:9-13): Praise, Repent, Ask, Yield.

One of the things the book encourages us to do is to pray specific prayers and write them down in a prayer journal.  So, you can begin today with writing down specific prayers that you are trusting God to answer.  Actually, you can write these down wherever you would like:  a “prayer journal”, a piece of paper, a napkin, a wall in your house, or your left forearm.  I will explain how to “circle them in prayer” in this upcoming Sunday’s message at Graystone Church.

Let’s start praying!

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