Please pray for those parents who have lost a child.

Having something bad happen to one of our kids is the worst nightmare of any parent.  It is a legitimate fear.  Sadly, we’ve had parents at Graystone suffer the loss of a child.  They have shared with me that they have good days and bad days.  But their faith in God remains strong and their hope is in eternity.

I was led by God in the 9AM service last Sunday at Graystone Ozora to address the loss of a child.  There is no way that we can relate to these parents or possibly have any idea what they are going through.  But let’s do our best to be there for them, pray for them, and encourage them to RUN TO GOD.   One day, all of us who know Jesus will be reunited in Heaven for all eternity.  Oh…what a party it will be!  I get teary-eyed every time I think about it.

Here is a brief except from the message:

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