Epic Sunday at Graystone Walton…Only God!


The Loganville High School auditorium was packed at the Graystone Walton Relaunch.

Wow!  I’m not sure how to start this blog post or even put into words what God is doing at Graystone Walton.  It can be summed up as “Only God”.  Have you ever had an experience in life or been a part of something that you knew God was in it?  Well, this is Graystone Walton.  God is in it.  Over the last year, God has been orchestrating His perfect plan, and EVERYTHING is coming together.

We’ve had hundreds of people participate in Graystone Walton through giving, serving and praying.  I’m so thankful for our staff and volunteers who committed for 6 months (I.e. Marines) to get Graystone Walton off the ground.  And then, we have our long term core team members (I.e. missionaries) who helped start our Walton campus and are still serving today.  They live in Walton, and God is going to use them to DOMINATE the community with the love of Jesus Christ.  And now, we have new people who came to Graystone over the last 6 months, and they have already joined the team and have started investing their time and resources into Graystone Walton.  It’s unbelievable to see all God has done in such a short period of time.

Last Sunday with our new staff and volunteer team in place, we RELAUNCHED Graystone Walton (Click here for more info on why we relaunched our new campus). And God showed up!  Graystone Walton experienced a record attendance of 444 people. 10 people crashed the waters of baptism. Praise God!  There have been 21 people baptized at our Walton Campus in a few short months.

One of the highlights of the RELAUNCH was 9 refugees from Burma were baptized with around 70 of their friends and family in attendance.  Kevin and Angie O’Shields are involved with a ministry in the Clarkston area who is reaching out and ministering to this group of people who had to flee their country and settle in the US.  It sounds very similar to the Path Project ministry that Jim and Melinda Hollandsworth started.  Kevin and Angie are seeing the fruit of their labor, and Graystone was able to celebrate with them.  God is good!

There are many, many more exciting things happening with Graystone Walton.  I will keep you informed.  But for now, let’s praise God and celebrate together an Epic Sunday. Only God!

Pastor Ken Sirmans baptizing one of the refugee

Walton Campus Pastor Ken Sirmans baptizing one of the new believers from Burma.

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  1. No other explanation needed except to believe IT IS A GOD THING!!!
    Graystone is reaping the rewards of Our Great Leaders which is spilling over to all staff and volunteers making this happen. Graystone is a Blessing to Our Community!!! Thank you for being a Great Leader!!!!

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