Record Sunday at Graystone Church

Diaper bags in Toddler Room

Diaper bags in Toddler Room

Yesterday was the highest attended non-Holiday Sunday (I.e. Christmas or Easter) in the history of Graystone Church.  There were 2,155 people in total attendance at both campuses.  It was the first time we broke 2,000 people on a “regular” Sunday, and our attendance was up 46% from the same Sunday in 2012.  PRAISE GOD!

Here are a few examples of how FULL we were at 10:30 at our Ozora campus:

  • There were 137 elementary age kids worshipping in the Student Room auditorium.
  • There were 24 one year olds in the Toddler Room (see picture above).  We had to pull in our wonderful coffee bar ladies to help with these precious little ones, miracles.
  • Every paved parking spot was taken along with the entire grass area of the ball field.  BTW, we are working on adding more paved parking and a 2nd entrance but this always takes a lot of time (and money) when we are working with Gwinnett County.

I am so thankful for our incredible staff team and amazing volunteers.  It is an honor to serve God with you.  If you attend the 10:30 service at Ozora and can switch over the 9:00AM or 12:00PM, we would greatly appreciate it.

We had an incredible RELAUNCH of our Walton Campus.  I will share more in my next blog post.  I’m blown away by what God is doing in and through our first expansion campus.

The best is yet to come!  Buckle up Graystone Church.  I love you guys.

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  1. How Awesome Is This, God is moving at both Graystone campus!!! Your message yesterday was terrific, believe this Series will change many lives!!! So Blessed to be at Graystone!!

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