We’re RELAUNCHING Graystone Walton! What does this mean?

We’re RELAUNCHING our Walton Campus of Graystone Church on Sunday, August 11, at 10:30AM at Loganville High School.  To say that we are pumped is an understatement.  We are trusting God to do what only He can do.

A few thoughtful people have asked, “What’s a relaunch?  What is going to be different now than when we launched Graystone Walton on March 3, 2013 (03.03.13)?”  Wow, great question!

Here are 5 Reasons we are relaunching Graystone Walton:

1. We have a new, full-time Campus Pastor by the name of Ken Sirmans.  In March, our Executive Pastor, Elliott Rogers, was serving as our Walton Campus Pastor. Elliott did an incredible job of getting our Walton Campus off the ground and in place, but he also had a full-time job of overseeing Graystone’s land and buildings, vehicles, finances, staff team, and several other really important jobs.  Honestly, I’m not sure how Elliott did it all.  He’s a total team player and MVP.

Ken is dedicating 100% of his ministry time and energy to Graystone Walton and reaching out to the people of Walton Country.  Click here to read more about Ken.  Also, you can see a picture below of Ken and his family at the beach wearing Winter clothes.

2. We now have a full-blown small groups ministry at Graystone Walton.  We have 10 adult small groups for the Fall Semester, and we  have small groups for elementary, middle school, and high school kids.  Growing through groups is one of our 4 core values.

3.  We’re beginning a Walton Student Ministry.  Andrew Coats has joined the Graystone Staff Team and will serve as the Walton Student Pastor.  Also, Zach Orr will be leading worship for the Walton students and Ken will be helping as well.

4. Most of the volunteer teams are now made up of people who are committed to being at our Walton Campus for the long haul.  It’s hard to put into words how incredible this is.  We originally launched Graystone Walton with members who came over from the Ozora Campus who made a 6 month commitment to help out.   And with the relaunch and new season of ministry starting this Sunday, most of our 6 month volunteers are returning to serve at our Ozora Campus.  So, they did an amazing job starting a new campus from scratch, and now God has raised up Graystone Walton members to serve and invest in the campus in their community.

5. We’ve sent out a 20,000 piece mailer specifically for Graystone Walton.  In March, we sent a mailer for both campuses which is what we will normally do.  But this mailer (see below) went out to the 20,000 homes (approximately 80,000 people if there are an average of 4 people per household) closest to Loganville High School, and it is 100% geared toward relaunching Graystone Walton and DOMINATING Walton County with the love of Jesus Christ.  Please pray with us that God moves in the people’s hearts who receive the mailer.  Pray that God brings to the relaunch who He wants to bring.  And let’s do our part to invite anyone we know who lives in Walton County.

We’re also kicking off a brand new message series, Parenting: A 3 Ring Circus, at both campuses.  I’ve spent the last month preparing for it, so I’m pretty pumped.  The Creative Team is holding nothing back.  I will share more in tomorrow’s blog post.

Mailer frontMailer back

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