Parenting…Walking the Tightrope of Fear

Parenting_A 3 Ring Circus

This Sunday at Graystone Church, we kick off a new series, Parenting: A 3 Ring Circus.  During one of my messages,  I will relate the circus act of walking a tightrope to the fears of being a parent.  As parents, we have many fears when it comes to our kids.  This is how God has hardwired our parental instincts.  Now that Joelan, my 16 year old son, has his driver’s license, I am experiencing an entirely new level of parental fear.  Yesterday, Joelan drove Julia and Jessie, my daughters, to church for the 10:30 service.  Scaaaaaary!

As our kids grow up, there are different milestones that increase our level of fear.  One of those is when our kids go to school.  I know with the school year starting many parents are experiencing a little (or a lot of) anxiety.  When a child goes for the first time to Pre K, kindergarten, middle school, high school or even college….it is another opportunity to walk the parental tightrope of fear.

I do not have time to get into the bulk of the discussion on my blog, but I will dedicate an entire Sunday message to the topic.  Let me just say, the older our kids get, the greater the risk/fear and the more we have to trust God.

So parents, please help me out a little for my upcoming message…

  • What are some of your fears as a parent?
  • How do you cope with these fears?

I’m praying for you and your kids as they begin a new school year.

Cast ALL your anxiety on Him because He cares for you.”  1 Peter 5:7

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  1. For me, all of their teenage years scare me to death. I think it’s about having to give up control. Not knowing what they’re doing every second of every day, and who they’re doing it with. I like to think that I know all of my kids friends and what they’re up to. But based on my teenage years, I know that’s not true. Letting them go, letting them spread their wings and fly….stepping back enough to let them experience pain and loss and heartbreak….is so very hard to do. I have to trust that God has a plan and that he’s working in all of us. I have to trust that I’ve been a good enough parent in teaching them right from wrong. I also always make sure that I tell them how much they’re loved and that no matter what, I’m always here. I’ve always told them to trust that little voice that I believe comes directly from God, that will steer them away from danger. I only hope that little voice is louder and stronger than the voices of their friends.

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