10 Things You May Want To Know!?.


Joelan loves his “new” truck!

1.  Our Graystone Kids had a great Preschool Sports Camp this week.

2.  Our Haiti Mission Team arrives home Saturday.

3.  I have not had a diet coke or carbonated drink ALL WEEK.

4. The Graystone Leadership Summit is Saturday morning from 9:00-12:00.  The get in for FREE, at the registration table give them the discount code: “my pastor has a great sense of humor”.  This will wave all conference fees and give you a voucher for a free meal.

5. Joelan, my first-born, has his driver’s license.  Watch out for a red Ford Ranger!  I’m old.

6. We are relaunching Graystone Walton on August 11. Click here for more info.

7.  I’ve been prepping for our next message series, Parenting: A 3 Ring Circus, which begins August 11.

8. Graystone is rolling out a new and improved website in the next 17 days.

9. One of our long-time staff members is making a BIG ANNOUNCEMENT on Sunday.

10. I will probably get a little emotional on Sunday at Graystone. But, it’s all good.  Please join us for week 3 of our current message series, I Love My Church.

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