Friday 5: The Man Series Finale


If you’re a man, this is the Sunday to be at Graystone Church.  If you’re not a man, this is the Sunday you want your man at Graystone Church.  If you hate men, you are still welcome at Graystone Church.

Here are 5 reasons to be at Graystone on June 30:

1.  It’s the finale of the Samson message series.  I’ve saved the best for last.  It will be the most powerful message in the series.  And it is applicable to EVERYONE!

2. We’re giving away an XL green egg ($1,500), a riding lawn mower ($2,000) and a chain saw ($500).  And yes, you have to be at Graystone on Sunday, June 30 to be eligible to win.  “What if I’m out of town on vacation?” Sorry.  “What if my child has a sports tourney?” Sorry.  “What if I’m at the lake or beach?” Sorry.  “What if I’m sick?” Sorry.  “What if I came the first two Sundays of the Man Series?” Sorry.  You have to be at Graystone (in bodily form) on June 30th to win.  “Can someone else put my name in the drawing?” NO.

3. We’re kicking off the service with Van Halen (Walton) and Lynyrd Skynyrd (Ozora).  “Those bands don’t sing Christians songs.”  I didn’t know songs could get saved.  I’ve never baptized a song.  BTW, several people are crashing the waters of baptism this Sunday.  PRAISE GOD!

4. We will announce the winners of our Beard Growing Contest.  Also, there will be a ladies moment, and I’m sure some other funny manly videos.

5.  Graystone Walton will be having a cookout after the service with a water slide and a corn hole tourney.  It will be a lot a fun and fellowship and a great way to get to know EVERYONE.  If you normally go to our Ozora Campus, but you want to take advantage of some FREE food and activities, then feel free to show up at Loganville High School at 10:30AM.  If the party is still rocking after the 12pm service at Ozora, I will be joining in on the fun.

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