Friday 5: Week 2 of The Man Series

Here are 5 reasons to be at Graystone Church on Sunday:

1. Shoot Your Pastor Contest

ONE of the Graystone pastors will shot by paintball in each of the services.  I will be shot in one of the services, but I’m not taking 3 to the chest.  In case you’re wondering, I will be wearing a thin white undershirt.  I think the brand is Fruit of the Loom.

2. Sports before and after the service

There will be a fast pitch contest at the Walton campus.  The winner will receive $1 million or something else.  The Ozora campus will have a putting contest with several golf stations set up on the front patio.

3.  Bubba’s Nuts

The best boiled peanuts in the world will be served at both campuses.

4. Eating Contest

There will be a live eating contest during the service at Walton.  The Ozora campus will see a video of Billy Brice and Don Shackelton going toe to toe.  Or should I say mouth to mouth?  Well, that sounds gross.

5. Powerful Message

Of course, we will have our usual creative service with a little music, videos, and a powerful message from God’s word for men and EVERYONE!

We received a communication card from last Sunday that read, “An entire series for men, consider this my last Sunday at Graystone”.   If you are still a little unclear on why we have The Man Series at Graystone, please watch the first few minutes of last Sunday’s message.  You can check it out by clicking here.

Also, the BIG GIVEAWAYS will be on Sunday, June 30th.  Click here to read the rules.


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