Did you know? (Part 2)

This is the second blog post this week for those who like to be “in the know”.

31 kids were dedicated to the Lord last Sunday.  PRAISE GOD! I am so proud of these parents for committing to raise their kids in a Christian home and the church.  BTW, none of the kids were left at Graystone for me to raise.  Thank you!  If you missed my message Sunday about Hannah leaving Samuel at the temple to serve God his entire life, you can watch it here.

There are over 400 kids preregistered for Sports Camp.  We are currently 18 days away.  You can register your child online here.  Also, we still need tons and tons of volunteers.  You can sign up to serve by emailing: katie@graystonechurch.com.

This is Jessie’s first Sports Camp.  She is signed up for cheerleading and kitchen chaos.  Also, she loves to sing and dance, so I know she will enjoy the opening and closing rallies, especially with Julia helping lead worship.  I’m going to predict that Jessie will be on the stage by the Thursday night.

We are pouring/installing a brand new basketball court which we hope to ready in time for Sports Camp.  It will be located directly behind the Kids Village (modular buildings).  The resources for this project are coming from the 2013 End of the Year Offering. Thank you so much for your giving.  I know the kids, students, and I’m sure, adults, will love the new court. Our goal is to make it the nicest outdoor basketball court in the area.  I’m hoping to start a NBA (Noon Basketball Association) League at least once a week for those in the area on their lunch break.

We have also installed brand new carpet over the cement floor in the smaller auditorium that we use for middle school, high school, and elementary worship.  The kids hang out in the student room, then go into the smaller auditorium for their worship and teaching time.  It sounds so much better is there, and it looks a lot nicer as well.

Nate Rector will be speaking live Sunday at Graystone Walton.  I’m not sure if he will be wearing sweatbands (see his pic in an earlier post).  He will be talking about God’s forgiveness as part of our Once Upon a Time series.  We will show Joel Thomas’ message the following week, May 26, at the Walton campus.  And Nate will speak at Ozora on the Sunday.

The Big Serve Award

The Big Serve Award

Staff Awards for the month of May go to Katie and Chris Hunt.  Chris earned The Big Serve Award for going above and beyond in the making dozens of videos as well as working hard on many other duties.  He is also responsible for capturing my messages on Sunday at 9AM, so I do not have to record them on Thursdays. 🙂

Pretty Feet Award

Pretty Feet Award

Katie receives the Pretty Feet Award which is given for sharing the gospel.  The Bible says “how beautiful are the feet of those who bring good news”.  Katie continues to bring the good news of Jesus to our kids.  They are our #1 mission field.

Speaking of the mission field, our church is taking 2 short term mission trips this Summer: Honduras (June 15-22) and Haiti (July 13-20).  If you’re interested in going on one of these trips, please contact our Missions Pastor, Jim Hollandsworth (jim@graystonechurch.com).

Jim also heads up the Path Project, and they are having their annual Gala, which I am personally pronouncing “gay-la”, on Friday night.  Jim’s decorating team is sprucing up the Graystone joint.  It is actually the most formal event held at Graystone Church.  I will be breaking out my khaki suit.  I have 2 suits… a grey one for weddings/funerals and the khaki one for the Path Project Gala.  We’re trusting God to raise over $60,000 on Friday night for the Path Project.  Please pray with us.

BTW, God continues to answers prayers and perform miracles at Graystone.  But I better wait until later to share with you some really EXCITING NEWS.  God is GREAT!

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