Did you know? (Part 1)

BIK-EaVCUAAyuyO.jpg-largeThis blog post is for those who like to be “in the know”.

Baby Jase has now lived with us for 3 weeks.  We are the only family he knows.  There is no new news on his future.  The family situation is unique and complicated.  We are trying hard to get more info from Gwinnett County DFACS.  Please keep praying for him.

Graystone has one of the best Care Teams in the universe.  I know this personally as a plethora of people have provided meals for our family over the last 3 weeks.  I’m pretty sure I’ve gained a few pounds.  Thank you!!!  I had a lady introduce herself to me Sunday at Graystone.  With tears in her eyes, she praised Graystone’s Care Team and talked about how much she and her family felt loved and cared for as her husband was in the hospital.  They are new to Graystone.  Thank you to everyone who serves on our Care Team.  YOU are the best!  It means the world to people when we can demonstrate Jesus’ love to them in times of need. 

BTW, last Sunday’s message at Graystone (Give it to God…Hannah), was not for someone else.  It was for YOU!

Last Sunday, Mother’s Day, was the 3rd highest attended Sunday in Graystone history.  PRAISE GOD!  If you would like to keep up with Graystone’s weekly vitals (nickels and noses), you can check them out each week on the Graystone website.  On the homepage at the top right, click “Online Giving”.  Then scroll down and click “Vital Signs”.  Also, Graystone is currently $16,000 ahead in our YTD Offering Needed.  Thank you for your faithful giving!

This Sunday, we will have a guest speaker.  His name is Joel Thomas, and he’s the Campus Pastor at Northpoint Community Church in Alpharetta.  Northpoint is one the largest and most influential churches in the world.  We are honored to have Joel share with us.  He will teach a message based on the story of King Rehoboam, the 4th King of Israel.  You do not want to miss it.

Also, this Sunday, we will have our annual Senior Recognition.  We will be recognizing those kids graduating from high school (not PreK, kindergarten, MS or college).  If you have a child who is a graduating senior and would like him/her to be recognized, please contact alan@graystonechurch.com.

I’m pretty pumped because I’m no longer recording my message on Thursday at 1:00PM to an empty audience.  Our tech team will now record the live 9AM message at Ozora.  This is going to be much better for me personally, and I think it will make the video messages better.  We will see.

Well, thanks for reading.  This is probably enough info to tie you over until tomorrow.  🙂



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  1. Thank you for your post, I like to be in “the know”, it help’s me when I want to share with someone about Graystone!!!! Praise God for all the Great Things happening at Graystone 🙂

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