Friday 5: Jersey Day, Baby Jase, Clint Frazier, Austin Meadows, FREE Braves Tickets, Pizza Parties

Clint FrazierIn typical Graystone fashion, our team has GONE the extra mile for Jersey Day.  I hope you’re ready.  The biggest thing is I hope you are BRINGING SOMEONE with you.  I’m recruiting heavy from all 3 of my current teams, not including my Graystone basketball team who better ALL be at Jersey Day with friends in tow.

Here are 5 Things to know:

1.  The team with the highest % of players present wins a FREE pizza party.  There will be at least one winner at both campuses: Ozora and Walton.  If 2 teams tie (I.e. both have 100% of players present…this is what I’m shoot for with my tennis team), they will both win pizza parties.  We are not afraid to give away a pizza party.  Just think, if one person’s life is changed for all eternity, it is worth 100 pizza parties.  Who are you bringing?

2.  Wear your favorite or team jersey.  If you’re new to Graystone, this is not a trick to get you to wear a jersey and everyone else is wearing a suit and tie.  Nope. Just about EVERYONE (grandparents too) will be wearing a jersey.  In fact, I may have a different jersey for every service.

3.  We’re giving away FREE Braves tickets with a parking pass in every service.  If you want to attend all 4 services at both campuses to increase your odds of winning, then go for it.  I encourage a strong competitive spirit.  We are in it to win it!

4.  I will be introducing baby Jase on Sunday.  He is the newborn baby who showed up at our house on Monday…6 pounds, 4 days old, no name, and no family.  He is a true orphan.  He is living with us until he has a permanent family and home.  We’re not sure how long this will be.  The people of Graystone are showering him with God’s love and generosity.  I’m so honored to serve at a church that loves and cares for orphans.  I know God is pleased with the Graystone family.

5.  We have video footage of me taking the mound against 2 top major league baseball prospects:  Clint Frazier (Walton) and Austin Meadows (Ozora).  I don’t think either one of them were ready for my off speed fastball.  Come find out what happens.  Will they join the club with Brett Favre as strike out victims of the legendary (in his own mind) Johnny Howes?

Here’s a sneak peak video:

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