God is building His church.

Living Stone MsgLast Sunday at the Graystone Walton Preview Service, I shared the meaning behind the name “Graystone”.  I taught that God is building His church (Matthew 16:18) on the foundation of Jesus Christ, the Living Cornerstone (1 Peter 2:4-9).  And He is building His spiritual house with us, His people, who are “living stones”.  The church is not a literal building.  It is the people of God.

After the service, dozens and dozens of people signed the Graystone Walton stone signifying that they are “founding members” of the spiritual house (church) that God is building with Graystone Walton.  Also, each person wrote a name of someone on a smaller stone as a step of faith trusting God that he/she will become a “living stone” as a part of God’s church.  This is the person that each person will pray for this week and invite to the grand opening on 03.03.13.

Whether you are a part of Graystone Walton or Graystone Ozora, this is a HUGE Sunday to invite a friend or family member.  Who is God leading you to pray for and invite to church this Sunday?  Whose life do you want to see God do a special work?



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  1. So excited, the person’s name I wrote on the stone has already committed to come on Sunday. They will be coming to Ozora and they have invited 2 friends to come along. They’re also 4 kids coming with them. God is Good All The Time!!!!

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