Benji Laws is sharing his story.


Benji Laws is sharing his testimony on Sunday at Graystone.  Talk about a Saul to Paul conversion story.  Back in the day, he was the wildest guy I knew, and he had his share of bar fights.  Actually, he would fight anyone, anywhere, anytime.   God has changed Benji’s life (2 Corinthians 5:17).  But he’s still my first option if I ever need to hire a bodyguard.

Pray with me that God would use Benji’s story to impact many lives for all eternity.  This would be a great Sunday to invite your friends and family to church.

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  1. This story is amazing and similar to mine i hope it touches lifes of others cause believe it or not its happening right now to a kid and or husband so god bless Benji for telling his story people should listen. Its very easy to take that road and be convinced its the right way to live. WRONG!!!!! Been there done that wish i didnt have the postcard for sure. God bless the Laws family!!

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