Friday 5: Favorite Graystone Moments of 2012

Man Series Giveaway

Man Series Giveaway

God did some incredible things at Graystone Church in 2012.  It’s hard for me to remember them all.  I got old this year.

Here are 5 of my favorites.  How about you?  What were your favorite Graystone moments of last year?

1.  Upgrading the Graystone Kids Area with Fellowship One computer check in and the creative decorations.  Our Design Team did an incredible job as well as the artists who did the work themselves!  The Children’s Ministry (5th graders and under) grew by over 100 kids in average Sunday attendance.

2. God leading us to put a strong emphasis on caring for orphans.  We are supporting 120 children in Haiti monthly (food, clothing, school), and we’ve sent short term mission teams to help Voices of Christ in Haiti. Also, several Graystone families are adopting and fostering orphans with others helping with supplies, resources, and childcare.

3. Brie, Chris and Alan (and Allison) joining the Graystone Staff Team.  I love each of them (in a platonic way), and they are all MVP’s.  We are announcing the initial members of our Walton Campus Staff Team on Sunday but this is getting into 2013.

4. Launching our first church plant, Valley Town Church, in Wilmington, VT.  Vermont in the most unchurched state in the United States (less than 1% evangelical Christian), and God is already doing incredible things in and through the Prestens, Caudells and the VT Team.  I’m so proud of them.

5. I loved The Man Series in June.  We had meat on the grill, Van Halen, Bubba’s Boiled P-Nuts, a fast pitch contest, Sumo wrestling and much, much more.  We gave away prizes each week with the finale being a $7000 ATV on Father’s Day.  I’ve met several men who first came to Graystone to win the ATV and have been coming back ever since. And I know of at least ONE LIFE THAT HAS BEEN CHANGED FOR ALL ETERNITY!

I left off many things God did in 2012, but I decided to limit it to the Friday 5.

What is one of your favorite things God did at Graystone in 2012?  I would love to get some feedback and read your thoughts in the comments section below.  God is good!  To Him be all the glory!  Thanks for being a part of the Graystone Team.

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  1. Two things really stand out for me and when I say me I mean my little family….. The first and most important was finding Graystone! During the marriage wars series wich is also something we needed In Our relationship. Secondly was the not a fan series! It moved me and my wife to a true level of following God that we had never even knew existed! 2012 was an life saving year for our family and we have a lot of faith riding on 2013!

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