Friday 5: Graystone Insider Information


KATB leading worship on Christmas Eve (3:30).

1. Our Christmas services were the largest attended services in the history of Graystone Church.  PRAISE GOD!  And thank you to ALL of our incredible volunteers who served on Christmas Eve and/or Christmas Eve Eve.  You guys are amazing!

2. Graystone Church will have NO WORSHIP SERVICES on Sunday, December 30.  We’re giving our hardworking staff and volunteers a much needed day off.  Enjoy your vacation time with your friends and family.

3.  This Sunday I will be “preaching” at my home church, First Baptist Church of Gulfport, Mississippi.  I would appreciate your prayers.  I’m challenging and encouraging them to continue being a “fishers of men/women church” and not a “keepers of the aquarium church”.  It should be fun.  I will actually be speaking standing up, behind a pulpit and wearing a suit.  I doubt any pictures will be taken.

4. Over $200,000 has now been given to the Graystone Christmas Offering.  PRAISE GOD!  We reached our goal.  We still have until December 31 to receive gifts for the special offering, so we will announce a final number on January 6th.

5. On January 6th, we will be introducing our staff team for the Graystone Walton Campus.  God is assembling an incredible core team of staff and volunteers.  Our first “practice service” at Loganville High School will be on February 10…43 days away!

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