Friday 5: Operation Yuletide, Christmas Tickets, 03.03.13 and Christmas Shopping

christmas tix1.  It’s hard to put into words how excited I am about this year’s Christmas Offering.  Gifts are already pouring in.  I’m BLOWN AWAY already and the offering isn’t until Sunday.  I was talking with a dad this week that had a family meeting.  They have decided to have a few less presents under the tree and are giving the extra money to the Christmas Offering.  This is a great opportunity to put Christ at the center of our lives and Holiday season.  Also, it is never too early to start teaching our kids about being good stewards of God’s money.

2. Over 2000 people have already reserved FREE tickets for our Christmas Services at Graystone Church.  The 3:30PM service on Monday, December 24 is already “Sold Out” and the 5:00PM service on Sunday, December 23 is almost FULL.  There are only a few seats left for that one.  If you haven’t reserved your seat, let me encourage you to go ahead and do so.  Here’s the link to reserve your tickets online: Graystone Christmas Tickets.  Also, the Christmas Service is going to be so much FUN for the entire family.  And it really is the best service of the year to invite someone to Graystone.

3.  The service this Sunday, December 16, is going to be amazing (9:00am/10:30am/12:00pm).  KATB, Kyle and the Band, are singing 2 of my favorite Christmas songs, and the creative team has put together a hilarious, classic Graystone video titled Operation Yuletide.  I think EVERYONE will be challenged by the message God has laid on my heart.  Hopefully, it will be “one of my good ones”.

4.  We would like EVERYONE on the Graystone Walton Launch Team to wear their 03.03.13 T-shirts to church this Sunday.  If you are on the team and do not have a T-shirt, you could swing by the church office and pick one up or contact  It’s hard to believe that we are less than 80 days away from the Grand Opening of our first expansion campus.  God is pulling together an incredible staff and volunteer team.  We will share more in the weeks to come.

5. I have not started my Christmas shopping.  If anyone has some good ideas or knows what Jennifer might want, please let me know.  I’m pretty sure she is hoping for a gift or two under the tree.

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