A Snapshot of the True Meaning of Christmas

A big THANK YOU goes out to EVERYONE who participated in the Children’s Christmas Program at Graystone Church: the Graystone Kids workers and volunteers, the parking team who had to deal with a few impatient people, the production team, the ushers, and many more volunteers who served yesterday.  And of course, we are thankful for Brie and Katie leading and pouring their hearts and lives into our kids.  We have the best Children’s Pastors of any church on the planet!

All of the kids did incredible: the precious preschoolers worshipping God, soloists, actors and actresses, dancers, air guitar players, drummers, kids quoting scripture, elementary kids singing out, Avery on the keyboard, and many more special moments. The kids did a tremendous job leading us in worship and sharing the good news of Jesus Christ.  Wow!

As any proud dad, I took a ton pictures.  Below I am posting my favorite picture.  I actually got a little teary-eyed during this scene, but I am NOT a crier.  This picture means so much to me on multiple levels and for so many reasons.  Enjoy.

Baby Jesus

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