As Is

Fish Haul FlatsI’ve always liked real estate.  My mom is a real estate broker.  In college I majored in Finance with a minor in Real Estate.  I had planned on getting into commercial real estate.  God changed all that in the summer of 1989.

Anyway, I still like researching houses for sale and looking to see what’s available on the market.  With so many foreclosures these days, many of the houses are for sale “as is”.  “As is” means “take it or leave it”.   The house is for sale in the condition it is in.  The seller is not fixing it up, making it better or doing any repairs.

At Graystone Church EVERYONE is invited and can come “as is”.  A person does not have to fix themselves up or “look good” spiritually to walk through our doors.  We accept ANYONE and EVERYONE “as is”.  Jesus is the same way. The price on the cross has been paid.  ANYONE can come to God “as is” and accept His love, grace and forgiveness.  We do not have to knock out a spiritual punch list in order to receive salvation.  We can ALL come to God “as is”.

Let’s thank God today that He once accepted us into His family “as is”.  Thinking of my own sinful life at age 17, I was quite the little “fix it upper”.  And let’s remember to accept EVERYONE who visits Graystone and all of our churches over the Christmas season…”AS IS”.

for, “EVERYONE who calls on the name of the Lord will be saved.” Romans 10:13 (CAPS added by me)

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  1. Jonathan, you are an outstanding pastor and I enjoy your blogs so much! Every message you and the Lord give to us is usually the perfect timing in helping us with our daily lives in our journey with Christ, the good times as well as the trying and very difficult times. Thank you so much for all that you do and the wonderful messages that you share. I love your sense of humor too, it brings the message to us as we are sitting in your great room sharing.. Thank you!

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