Friday 5: Georgia vs Alabama, Elf suit added 50 pounds, Santa, and More

IMG_53281.  I would love to see the Georgia Bulldogs fans pack out Graystone Church on Sunday…win or loss in the SEC Championship.  For the record, I am pulling for the Georgia Bulldogs.  The state of Alabama seriously needs a pro sports team.  And the Mobile Bay Bears doesn’t count.

2. Santa Claus will be at Graystone on Sunday to take FREE pictures with you, your kids or your entire family.  Click here if you want to know why.

3. The elf suit and camera added about 50 pounds to my appearance.  And the “empty calories” have not helped.  BTW, thank you so much to EVERYONE who has given me bags of Chewy Sprees.  You are enabling me and feeding my addiction.  But thank you. 🙂

4.  We’re kicking off a new series Sunday called Christmas at Graystone.  If you haven’t been to church in a few weeks or months, this would be a good Sunday to come back.  Christmas is a great time of year to refocus our lives on what’s truly important.

5.  Now that all my favorite football teams (high school, college, NFL, fantasy) are eliminated from a championship, it is now officially basketball season in the Howes family.  This is more sad than you know.  Not really.  I’m just being melodramatic.


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