Friday 5: Tennis Mullet, LSU vs Bama, DST, & the Election

1. This Sunday is Daylight Saving Time when we move our clocks back (or they automatically reset) one hour (Fall Back).  So EVERYONE gets an extra hour of sleep.  I’ll take it.

2. Even if Alabama pounds LSU (which EVERYONE is predicting), I will still be at church on Sunday morning.  If LSU wins, which is highly unlikely, I may even be wearing the royal colors of purple and gold.  If not, I’m sure we will hear a few “roll tides” from some of our redder necks in the congregation.  🙂  As always, I will be praying for the Georgia Bulldogs to win.  Hopefully, there will not be too many hotty toddy cheers at Sanford Stadium.

3.  My message Sunday is titled, Is America Going to Hell?  I’ve struggled all week with this one due to the political tension in the air and the sensitivity of the election and such.  But I feel like God has laid a challenging message on my heart.  Hopefully, it will be “one of my good ones”.

4.  I’m taking a different approach to this “election message” than most of you think.  My message will come from the book of Daniel.  So, we will be talking about Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego.   Or as one of my good African American friends likes to say, “Shadrach, Meshach and A Bad Negro”.  We are also going to be hitting up 1 Peter, Philippians, Romans, Exodus, Proverbs, and Joshua.  You might want to bring your bibles…electronic, paperback or leather bound (old school baby).

5. Sunday afternoon, the Graystone Ladies Tennis Team will be playing in the semifinals of the ALTA City Championships.  If they win City Finals, their coach has promised to grow out his long, flowing blonde mullet.  You can pray accordingly.  I’m sure that many of you would be divided in your vote as to whether or not you would like to see your pastor daunting a mullet.

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