Dad’s, be sure the implement the Trick or Treat Tithe…10% goes to the father. | Jonathan Howes

In Christian circles, Halloween is a fairly controversial topic. Most churches opt out of Halloween and have a “Fall Festival”. The youth at Graystone Church are having a Halloween Bash at the Land. From day one, my kids (10 and 8 years old) have always enjoyed trick or treating. Both of them love costumes. Joelan was a superhero five of the first six years of his life. He was Superman one year, Batman for a string of three years, and Bibleman one year. We make sure their costumes are clean and fun. This year, Julia is a nurse and Joelan is a ghost with a goofy hat.
The reason that I like Halloween is the candy. I love all kinds of candy, especially chocolate. This year, I am instituting the tithe with my kid’s Halloween candy. Both of them are faithful to give the tithe, 10% of all their…

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