Friday 5: New Series, Snake Handling, and Middle Schoolers

1. This Sunday at Graystone we begin a new message series, Phobia (What do you fear?).  We did a series by the same title 4.5 years ago in the warehouse but all the messages are new and fresh (I.e. like a freshly shaved chrome dome or like fresh fruit you might find at a farmer’s market).  Also, please pray for many new visitors to come from the 35,000 mailers that went out the homes closest to Graystone.  As you know, ANYONE and EVERYONE are welcome at Graystone Church.  This would be a good Sunday to invite a friend.  Just saying.

2.  There may be some snake handling this Sunday at Graystone.  It will not be done by me (I hate snakes.), and it will not be live.  This is where we can ALL agree on video technology.

3. The tables and chairs that appeared out of nowhere on Graystone’s front patio were donated by Starbucks.  I’m am not getting paid to tell you this but am simply letting you know.  BTW, we are looking for a volunteer or two who could sand, stain and seal the wood planks on the seats of the outdoor chairs. If you would love to do this or feel guilted into doing it by this post, please talk to

4. In case you missed it, middle school is combining into one service at 10:30.  It all kicks off this Sunday.  We have rearranged the Student Room to create more space and a better atmosphere.  The most exciting thing is that all the middle schoolers will worship together, which will create for fun, excitement and stronger friendships.  You can hear more about it by watching this video.

5.  This Sunday, I will be announcing the physical location for our first expansion campus, Graystone Walton.   And it will not be in Caleb Cooper’s bedroom at his parent’s house (sorry for the inside joke but the original Graystone Core Team will get it).  Speaking of, we are in the process of pulling together a Walton Campus Core Team and a Launch Team (6 month commitment).  Please pray about serving on one of these teams.  The new campus begins on March 3, 2013 (03.03.13)…T-minus 135 days!  I cannot wait.  In fact, I just high 5’d myself.  It ended up just being a loud clap.  But I’m pumped!

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