Friday 5: Foster Care update, 35k mailers, and “a check in the mail”

1.  The two brothers (age 2 and 3) have been living with us for 1 month and 2 days.  Everyone seems to be adjusting well.  We’re still not sure how long they will stay.  It could be 1 more week or 6 months.  Our church family has been a tremendous support system for us.  Thank you.

2.  Do you ever hear people say that God provided for them in the form of “a check in the mail” out of nowhere?  Well, that has happened to us each of the last 3 weeks.  When we are faithful to God’s call on our lives, He will provide.  Don’t let money keep you from stepping out in faith and obeying something God has called you to do.

3. This week, we sent 35,000 Graystone mailers to the homes closest to our church.  If there is an average of 4 people per home, then the mailer went out to 140,000 people.  Please pray for God to use the mailer to draw people to Himself.  We are inviting our community to our new message series, PHOBIA, which begins October 21 and to the Fall Carnival on October 28.

4. This Sunday is the finale of our NOT A FAN series.  I will be talking about “Decisions” and how we make the important ones in our lives.  I will also be bringing EVERYONE to a point of decision as to whether they are a fan or a follower of Jesus.  This is one of the best Sundays of the year to invite a friend or family member, especially if he/she is on the fence with God.

5.  Ben and Tiffany Presten are in town.  They will be at Graystone all 3 services on Sunday (9:00/10:30/12:00).  And at 1:15PM on Sunday in the Front Room, they will be sharing an update on Valley Town Church and the direction God is leading them in the near future.  If you know Ben and Tiffany, please take a moment to encourage them on Sunday.


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