Any Landscape Design Ideas?

Today, my blog is going where it has never gone before: Landscape Design.  As many of you know, yard work is not my thing (Fantasy Football is BTW). Last night, I had a wide hair which proved to be quite therapeutic. I decided to dig up 3 half dead bushes between my driveway and house (See pictures above).

Did I consult Jennifer about this first?  Of course not.  Actually, she didn’t even notice.  She has her hands FULL right now. Also, tearing these bushes out had nothing to do with that black snake that jumped at me last year and escaped into the bushes. Really. And no, I am not on Pinterest.

So, I’m looking for a little advice here.

What should I put in place of the bushes?

Here are a few of my thoughts.  Please vote on what you think would be best, and I’m sure some of you will have some better ideas.

Here are a few options:

a. Leave the space how it is (This is my #1 option right now.)

b. Cement the space and basically extend the driveway to the house.

c. Plant more bushes.  If you like this option, please suggest what bushes and how many.

d. Apply some type of ground covering (I.e. pine straw, mulch, bark, rocks).

e. Put in a park bench.  This could go over the ground covering or cement.

f. Turn it into a beautiful flower bed for Julia and Jessie.  This could be an ongoing father daughter project.

g. Plant some spices (I.e. parsley, mint, etc.)

Well, what do you think?  Do you have any other ideas or suggestions?

Thanks for your help!

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  1. I like the flower garden idea. But of course that is my thing anyway. Some pansies would be great to plant right now and adds lots of beautiful color to the area. The girls would love playing in the dirt and helping out too. :o)

  2. The bench would be good for the guys playing basketball in the driveway to rest.

    If it were my house, I might put in some daylillies in the spring. They stay there year round and get bigger each year but not too much that they take over. They have pretty flowers that I think you would like to look at. They are also low maintenance.

    Or, if you like to plant flowers each season, this would be a good place to plant annuals. You could use begonia, vinca or impatiens in the spring/summer depending on how much sunlight you get there, and you could use pansies or mums in the fall/winter.

  3. I think you should do a flower garden for you and the girls to work on together!! Just a special project for you three. Nealie Still

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