Friday 5: This Sunday at Graystone

Rainbow over Graystone

If you ever wonder why Graystone does the things that we do, I’m going to tell you on Sunday.  I’m more excited about sharing this message than any sermon I have ever preached.  If you consider yourself to be a part of Graystone, then please make it a priority to be here Sunday at 9:00, 10:30, or 12:00.

Here are 5 other things going on this Sunday:

1.  I will be sharing an update on Graystone’s 1st Expansion Campus.

2. We’ll release a couple of new tools to help you “know God and make God known”.  One of them we’ve been working on for months, and we’re finally ready to go public with it.  It’s been top secret, and I’m actually proud of myself for keeping it “in the vault”.

3. A few folks will be crashing the waters of baptism.

4.  “Kyle and the Band” will lead us in some of our favorite songs.  You can probably guess one of them.  It’s what I consider the top song of 2012.

5.  We’ll have a special prayer time for teachers, coaches and school administrators. (Actually, we are going to wait and incorporate this into the service on September 9 when we have a little more time.)

Come expecting God to do great things!


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  1. Jonathan you make me so excited about being at church!! Can’t wait for sunday to hear your message and all other things that will be told. God Bless, Nealie Still.

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