A Community-wide Foot Washing Service

In my message last Sunday (You can watch it by clicking here.), we looked at John 13:1-17 where Jesus washes his disciples’ feet.  Jesus says that we are to follow his example and wash each other’s feet.  I don’t think Jesus is commanding us to literally wash people’s feet.  I believe he is teaching us to show our love for others by humility and service.   At the end of the object lesson, Jesus says that the world will know that we are Jesus’ disciples by the love we have for each other (John 13:34-35).

How are we going to DOMINATE this community with the love of Jesus Christ? By humility and service.  Every Sunday (actually, almost every day of the week), we open the doors of our church, and we show hospitality to our guests by “washing their feet”. We have an incredible team of servants who humble themselves and serve God and others on a regular basis.  Some people serve behind the scenes (I.e. cleaning team, admin team, landscape team) and others serve with the people (I.e. parking team, small group leaders, children’s workers, etc.).  Our hope is that every single member of Graystone’s church family would use their gifts and abilities to “wash the feet” of each other, our community, and world.

On Sunday, September 2, we will have a community-wide “foot washing service”.  Instead of having our regular Sunday morning worship services, we will go out and serve our community.  We will meet at Graystone at 9:00am and then be sent out to one of 18 different service projects.  You can sign up for whatever project you would like, and it’s a great opportunity to serve with your kids.

Here are more details for Graystone SERVES:

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