The Velcroing Power of a Small Group (Part 2)

Excerpt from

Spirituality for the Rest of Us

by Larry Osborne

Just as important are those times when we need a bear hug to help us hang in there, or a swift kick in the butt to move forward.  When we’re in a place where relationships are genuine and transparent, there’ll always be someone ready to give us what we need.

No so for those of us who choose to pursue our spirituality primarily in anonymity of large-group settings or lone-ranger isolation. After all, it’s extremely difficult to self-administer a bear hug or butt-kick.

The unconnected Christian has no one to turn to when he or she needs a shoulder to cry on, or a push in the right direction, or wise advice.  And such a person almost certainly has no one to step forward and deliver truth that’s hard to hear.

Ultimately, one of the most valuable aspects of a small group is exactly the same as found in a small chruch: It’s a hard place to hide.  And that means when life hits, and a need-to-grow or need-to-know situation arises, we’re already positioned to get the help we need when we need it.

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