5 Highlights from Sunday

1. Buck Still did a great job sharing his small groups testimony. You can watch the video above. If you would like to sign up for a small group, you can do it online here.

2. Someone replaced my broken mailbox (I mentioned it in a sermon earlier this year.) with a brand new one while we were at church. Thank you.

3. Several people switched from the 10:30 service to the 9:00AM or the 12:00PM to create “empty seats at optimal times”. Thank you. We had more people at Graystone this Sunday than last Sunday, and we had 100 fewer people in the 10:30 service. So, we have plenty of room to grow with the services balancing out.

4. We had a record attendance for Graystone Students…Middle School during all 3 services: 9/10:30/12 and High School at 6:30. PRAISE GOD! Alan and Allison are diving right in and getting off to a great start.

5. I had the privilege of officiating Jason and Sarah’s wedding last night in the backyard of a beautiful house on Lake Oconee. Jason and Sarah are a part of our college age small group. BTW, are you in a small group? If not, you can sign up for one here.

Also receiving votes: Joelan earns more hardware in his 2nd U16 Tennis Tourney; KATB did great even with Kyle relaxing at the beach; On 2 separate occasions yesterday pre-service (9/10:30), I was slapped in the butt by former college/pro football players (This is not a highlight, I just find it odd that it happened twice on one Sunday.); I only wasted 15 minutes of my life watching the Olympics Closing Ceremony (It could have been worse.); and LSU, the Saints, and the MS Mullets are all still undefeated!

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