Friday Fact or Fiction

1.  It’s hot.

2. Joelan played a high school baseball game at 2:00PM in 100+ temps.

3. The power at our house was out for about an hour.

4.  I have consumed zero soft drinks this week (I.e. NO diet cokes).

5.  For Julia’s 13th birthday, I took her to Dunkin Donuts then Home Depot.  I let her pick out whatever paint color she wanted.  She chose “Surfer” which is a soft turquoise.  Then, I painted her bedroom for her.  She has said, “I Love You, Dad!” about 20 times.  It was a little difficult painting over the beautiful purple, but Julia’s old enough to choose her own colors.

6.  I am too young to have a teenage daughter.

7.  We are grilling out “Laura Gosa’s famous ribs” for Julia’s birthday dinner.

8.  OKC stole PJ3 at #28.

9. Jim Hollandsworth is preaching Sunday.  I wonder if he will mention The Path Project (formally The Hope Center) during his message?

10. The Honduras Mission Team arrives home Saturday.  I heard they ate a pig with his head still attached.  I can’t wait to hear all God has done in and through their lives.

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