Baptisms, God’s Presence and The Book of Acts

Sunday at Graystone, dozens of people crashed the waters of baptism.   I’m so proud of every man, woman and child who made a public profession of their faith in God.  Let’s pray for them to grow strong spiritually and walk with God for a lifetime.

During our services, I felt God’s presence stronger than I have in long time.  It reminded me so much of the book of Acts.  Families were getting baptized together including one with 3 generations.  People were placing their faith in Jesus for the first time.  And several got baptized spontaneously in the clothes they wore to church.   One man who worshipped in the 10:30 service came back and got baptized in the 12:00 service.

It was a very special day and reminded me of why we do the things we do.  I want to thank every single person who is a part of the Graystone team.  Thank you so much for giving generously and serving God with your time and talents.  God is using you to change lives for all eternity.  May God have all the glory!

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