Monday Morning Download: The Man Series (Wk 2)

Yesterday at Graystone was the highest attended June Sunday in the history of our church (50% growth from 2011).  We had several families visiting whose kids participated in Sports Camp.  And all the rain cancelled the kids softball and baseball tournaments, so this enabled many of the families involved in travel ball and all-stars to attend.  I’m really proud of those families who came on to church once the games were cancelled.  Some families showed up in their baseball gear…hat, cleats and all.  I love it!

Here are a few highlights from yesterday:

Ryan and KATB killed it on Simple Man by Lynyrd Skynyrd.  I love the fact that we redeemed this song for the glory of God.  I hope when people hear it that they will be reminded of our simple mission: to know God and make God known.

Jason Piper was the all around Twinkie eating champion.  He put down 5+ Twinkies in 45 seconds.  Adam Wilson tied him but bowed out of the Twinkie eat off.  BTW, that is the first carb Adam has eaten since 2006.  Thanks to all the men who participated.

A big THANK YOU goes out to the parking team who weathered the rain.  You guys are amazing!

The kids who participated in Sports Camp received their certificate.  I shared this during my message but over 30 kids, mostly 3rd-5th graders, made professions of faith in Christ.  This is what it’s all about.  I will post the Sports Camp highlight video soon.

I want to thank David Pollack, Jon Stinchcomb, Andre King and David Greene for signing our football giveaway.  I think this is a pretty unique ball.  All of these former NFL players are “friends” of Graystone.  We will show the video drawing and announce the winner in my next blog post.

EVERYONE seemed to like the Nkemdiche hit on me.  Some people thought he didn’t hit me very hard.  Well, why don’t you stand wide open and let a 6’5″ 282 pound man who runs a 4.5 40 hit you at point blank range?  I think he hit me hard enough.  Also, for whatever reason, we had to do more than one video shoot.  Thanks Robert for being so gracious to shoot the video.  I’ll post it later as well.

My message was pretty clear.  Our purpose for following Jesus is to reach other people for Christ.  Following Jesus = Fishers of Men (Matthew 4:19)…This is our mission: to know God and to make God known.  Graystone Church is not a “keepers of the aquarium” church.  We are to NOT inwardly focused trying to keep our Christian fish fat and happy.  We are a “fishers of men” church.  We are doing whatever it takes to catch as many men, women and children for God’s kingdom as we possibly can.

As long as Jesus is the center of our ministry and we are being faithful to do what He has called us to do, He will continue to fill our nets and our boats (Luke 5:1-11).  And when are nets and boats are full, we need to increase them so we do not limit what God wants to do in our lives, church and ministry.  And the more our ministry grows, the more workers we will need to help us (Luke 5:7).

Another analogy I used was from the story of Jesus calling Levi to follow Him (Luke 5:27-31).  Levi was so overwhelmed with God’s love and grace that he throws a party for Jesus.  The party is twofold. First, it was to celebrate his salvation and thank Jesus.  Secondly, it was to invite his friends to meet Jesus.  This is what we do every Sunday morning at Graystone.  We throw a party for Jesus to worship Him and to invite others to worship Him.

This upcoming Sunday, Father’s Day, will be one of our biggest parties of the year.  We are giving away a FREE Polaris ATV.  It is the easiest Sunday in the history of Graystone to invite a man to church.

Who are you inviting?

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