200 Demons Cast Out…Update from Haiti

Email Update from Jeff Anfils, Pastor of Voice of Christ in Haiti
Hey guys, how are doing? Just a reminder to tell you that I am not sleeping. We are busy 24 hour days and 7 days a week. God is pouring his blessings with the presence of a doctor coming from California Dr. Teddy Bartnett who has been seen dozens of patients at the mission. We having seen, this weekly only, 200 hundred patients. Our 100 plus of our students have been seen. We are looking forward to see another 3 to 400 hundred for the next couple weeks. He is here until the end of this month. I will be in Saint-Marc this weekend for a special prayer on Saturday for their spiritual and numerical growth and also to buy a piece of land to relocate our church. More babies more responsibilities. We have been so gracious to meet at their front yard. Our shelter can hold about 100  and God is adding every day those who have been saved to his church. We continue to send different lay preachers every week to Saint-Marc until the Lord will provide a permanent preacher. Also, our bible school is open this year in August. It will be for one month every summer for now. I will be the only teacher this summer. We are taking students from our all three churches. They will all come to stay at the mission for the whole month of August. We will have a very long schedule every day. We will be working from 6:00 am until 9:00 pm every day. We will be  sending them out every weekend to our different churches to observing and practicing.We cannot wait to see you guys. We have a lot to accomplish. We are working on faith and not by sight. I will be in Port-au-Prince checking on the French and the Creole bibles and I will send you the quote. One amazing news. As you know that we are fighting a warfare againt principalities and dominions. An amazing miracle happened just this week where we were casting 200 demons an a lady’s head in our church as we were fasting last Wednesday. You may ask how did we know it was 200 demons. The demons as we have in Marc chapter 5 have said it to us. “We are 200 demons, we come to look for her and we want to take her with us”. They litterally dragged her all over the place and wanting to run. 5 of us had to hold her very tight. We did not want her to cause any harm to herself. After spending times in prayers rebuking the demons. The demons were fleeing and she calms down and not agitating and screaming annymore. She was sitting still and her good sense. Now, she is completely healed. She was in our clinic today for dental check up. It is exactly happened the way you see it in Marc ch. 5. It is similar to the jewish people in Jesus time. This is what making our ministry so powerful in the village and else where. We will be able to win the whole of Haiti by such great move of the Holy Spirit. We have been under several circumstances like this. We have been always prevail. The people feel so secure spiritually and continue to bring so many of them to Jesus Christ.Let us continue to pray and fight.


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  1. Where is God working??? Jump in – pray and help those from our church going to Haiti. More than money – the team needs prayer support.

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