Friday 5: What’s going on in Johnny’s world?

1.  Yesterday, my barber asked if he could trim my eyebrows.  I ask, “What eyebrows?”  Facial hair is not my forte.  Speaking of facial hair, I absolutely love the new show Duck Dynasty.  They make me want to grow a beard and blow things up, which is some of what we will be doing during the Graystone Man Series in June.  BTW, we are having a beard growing contest for Father’s Day.  I have already started letting my preach fuzz loose.

2.  We have one more week in our Hunger Games message series.  If you want to be fed, then this is a good Sunday to be at Graystone.  I’m talking in spiritual terms not actual food.  BTW, I had several sweet rolls this morning.  Sweetness rolled up…does it get any better than that?

3.  As many of you know, we are launching our Beautiful series on Mother’s Day.  I cannot wait to share with the ladies of Graystone how beautiful they are.  As part of the message series, Jennifer will join me on stage during the second week.  She will be sharing about her battle with melanoma skin cancer and the surgery that she had on her face.  It’s still hard to believe that she had 65 stitches from her eye to her chin.  I’m getting a little queasy thinking about it.  Good thing I ate all those sweet rolls this morning to make my stomach feel better.

4.  Since I mentioned Jennifer, let me give you a little update on the family front:

  1. Joelan is 15 years old and got his Instructional Driver’s License (Learner’s Permit) yesterday.  If you see a black Camry heading your way with a good-looking young man peering over the steering wheel, you might want to get as far to the right as you possibly can.
  2. Julia got her hair cut this week and is donating it (the cut off part) to Locks of Love.  She looks even more super cute.  I’m so glad that she has decided NOT to date and will trust me with an arranged marriage.  If any of you have sons that are interested, the “bride price” is set at $2 million.  And this is not the $2 million I am trusting God for Graystone.  This will be my 401k.
  3. Jessie is still wearing her “thumb gloves” and trying to win the battle against thumb-sucking and hair twisting.  I have actually drawn a prayer circle around this on my prayer sheet/Vision Night page.  If God can cause “the sun to stand still”, He can help Jessie overcome this habit.  Your prayers are welcomed and appreciated!

5.  God answered 2 prayer requests that I have been drawing a circle around all year.  This Sunday, I will be introducing the two newest staff members of Graystone Church.  BTW, they both graduated from the University of Georgia.  Go Dawgs!  I offered a job last summer to a graduate of LSU, and he is the only person to ever turn down a job offer from Graystone Church (Actually, this is not entirely true.  Kyle Hale turned me down the first 9 times I asked him to be our Worship Leader.) I guess the Graystone Staff Team is only big enough for one LSU fan?  Anyway, I am so pumped about both of our new staff hires, and I know that God is going to do incredible things in and through their lives.

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