Appropriate Attire for Jersey Day at Graystone

Jersey Day at Graystone Church is one of my favorite days of the year.  I would put it up there with Christmas Eve, Easter, and Baptism Celebrations.  I know that each of you are extremely passionate about it as well and like to show support for your favorite team.  With the fever pitch of Jersey Day at an all-time high, I thought it would be wise go over what is appropriate and NOT appropriate for Jersey Day attire.

1.  It is NOT appropriate to turn your bare chest into a jersey.  You may be tempted to paint your daughter’s pee wee softball team colors on your torso (My favorite name for one of our softball teams is the Lime Green Lunachicks.), but don’t do it.  Even if you cover your entire upper body in paint no one wants to see it. For this very same reason, we have a no shorts policy on stage.  There are some staff members that no one would enjoy seeing their knee caps or hairy legs on Sunday morning.  It would be a major distraction to worship.  So, Jersey Day is extremely casual, but no shirt, no shoes, no service.

2. It is appropriate to wear just about any jersey imaginable (I go over the exceptions in #5 below.)  You could wear a jersey from baseball, softball, lacrosse, hockey, soccer, football, tennis, golf, bowling, NASCAR, basketball, place of work, favorite TV show (I.e. Duck Dynasty), favorite restaurant, a branch of the US military, fireman, police officer, etc.  You could wear a jersey supporting your high school: Brookwood, Grayson, South Gwinnett, Dacula, Archer, Loganville, LCA, Covenant, George Walton. Central Gwinnett,  Homeschool, Providence, Gulfport, etc.  You could wear a jersey supporting your favorite college or professional team.   The possibilities here are almost unlimited.

3. It is acceptable to be creative and make your own jerseys.  In fact, this is encouraged and applauded.  Last year, a few families made jerseys for their families.  Everyone in the family had matching jerseys.  I like the family/team spirit here.  One of the more creative shirts in the history of Graystone was one year our worship pastor, Kyle Hale, designed a number 24 jersey with the name Bauer on the back.  Let’s get creative people.  God is our Creator and He enjoys it when we are creative.  I mean, have you ever thought about some of the animals He created (i.e. anteater, possum, jelly fish, giraffe)

4. If you are a former or current professional athlete, it is totally cool to wear your actual jersey (I.e. Andre King, Cleveland Browns, #84).  I wore Andre’s jersey one Sunday when I interviewed him.  My biceps were way too big for his little WR jersey.

5.  It is NOT acceptable to wear jerseys supporting the following teams: Alabama Crimson Tide, New York Yankees, Duke Blue Devils, Any Swim Team, UT Martin, Russian National Hockey Team, or Al Qaeda.

I think that about covers it.  If I left something out, please let me know.  The most important thing to remember about Jersey Day: EVERYONE please bring at least one teammate or friend with you.  This is one of the best opportunities of the year to invite someone to Graystone.

Who are you bringing to Jersey Day?

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  1. Glad to hear New Orleans Saints are ok then…lol….not a fan of the Saints but i am of Drew Brees. He went to Purdue and so did DAn so we follow him but I think Ill wear a different jersey thou….lol Oh but WAIT! My jersey is Payton Manning who stole Tim Tebows job. Ut oh……..
    CAnt help it, i grew up in Indiana so Im a Colts fan

  2. I don’t have a Russian National Hockey jersey, but I do have a Russian soccer jersey. We’ll have to see if I wear it or not. I could wear my old college hoodie, but I’m a bit bigger than I was then, and risk violating #1 for my belly (which is probably worse than violating #5).

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