Over 10,000 people have visited Graystone Church. Here’s why…

What is the most effective method for inviting people to church?

  1. Church Marquee Sign
  2. Mass Mailer
  3. Internet
  4. Personal Invitation

If you answered “4. Personal Invitation”, then you are correct.  Since our launch in October of 2004 over 10,000 people have visited Graystone Church.  And the majority of our first-time guests (based on the communication cards) said they heard about Graystone from a friend.  Think about it.  What would encourage you more to visit a church:  a marquee sign or an invitation from a friend?

We are planning a HUGE Jersey Day service this Sunday, April 29, for our community.  The majority of the people who visit will come because someone invited them.  Pray about it.  Who is God leading you to invite?  Who has God placed on you heart that you need to Facebook, text, call or knock on their door?

This Sunday is a tremendous opportunity to reach out to our friends, family, neighbors, coworkers and teammates.  Let’s continue to DOMINATE our community with the love of Jesus Christ.  Ultimately, we know that God is the one who draws people to Himself, and He wants to use YOU and me in the process.

If you’re still not convinced, here’s a little more motivation to invite your friends…

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