The First Sunday Morning GSM Service!

I am still amazed that Jason, Kyle, Elliott and the crew were able to complete the wall in less than 1 week.  It is the largest and most impressive sheet rock wall I have ever seen.  If you’ve seen one nicer, then you are lying.  A big THANK YOU goes out to the guys and EVERYONE who volunteered to complete the renovation.  Ty Pennington would be proud.

I absolutely loved the atmosphere inside and outside of the new room.  The girls, who work at Smoothie King BTW, were blending up and passing out free smoothies.  The kids were playing wall ball and corn hole on the front patio.  I knew there was a reason we built the 25 foot wide front patio.  And the music was oozing out of the room.  The students FINALLY have a “hang out” on Sunday mornings (and the rest of the week for that matter.)  The room is 100% dedicated for Student Ministry.

Over the 2 services (10:30 and 12:00) we had right at 100 students.  For the Springtime with the school semester coming to a close, weekend trips to the lake, and kids playing in sports tournaments, it was a great crowd.  And I have a feeling this is just the starting point.  If EVERYONE reaches out to their teams, we should have well over 100 students on Jersey Day, April 29.

It’s hard to share with you how passionate I am about reaching students for Christ.  I think and pray about it daily.  You can watch the beginning of my message from Sunday to see a little of my emotions toward seeing our students come to know Jesus personally.

A big THANK YOU goes out to Nate, Lauren, and the entire Student Ministry Team for being flexible, working “overtime” and pulling off the first Sunday morning GSM service.  The best is yet to come!

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