What is your favorite food?

Now, when it comes to food, I’m not too picky.  Ask Jennifer.  I’m pretty much happy and thankful with anything she puts on the table.  Now, she is becoming a much better cook over time…not that she is old or that she was a bad cook when we first got married…oh, she cooks/bakes that best brownies in the world.  Anyway, I’m not sure if this post is getting me any marriage points or if I’m losing them? But as we all know, they evaporate at midnight.

Back to food…I pretty much like all food, except meat loaf, that just sounds gross, and liver.  Oh, and I wasn’t a big fan of chicken hearts in Brazil.  But I did like the goat stew in Haiti.  I’ve never had monkey brains, even when I was in Africa.  Sorry, I’m rambling.

I would probably say my favorite food is boiled crawfish.  I only get to eat them a couple of times a year.  And thanks to my parents who brought an ice chest full from Gulfport to the beach, I had several dozen pounds over Spring Break.  Last week on Swamp People, they showed Glenn and Mitchell Guist and their family eating crawfish.  They were sucking the head and all.  And I thought, ‘Man I hope that is not what my family looks like huddled around an outdoor table covered in boiled crawfish.”

Well, there is a point to this blog post.  What is your favorite food?  What is the #1 food that you crave?  This Sunday at Graystone, I am talking about having a hunger for God’s word (Week 2 of Hunger Games), and I will be relating it to our appetites for certain foods.  And there is an outside chance that I may have some food for some of you????

So, let’s hear it.  What is your favorite food?

Like newborn babies, crave pure spiritual milk, so that by it you may grow up in your salvation,” 1 Peter 2:2

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  1. To me, nothing beats a flavorful (non-traditional) salad. Lots of greens, grilled corn and red peppers, blackend chicken sliced very thin, garbanzo beans, egg, avocado…

    I could go on. But I will refrain as I’m sure I lost everyone at “salad”. 🙂

  2. When you look my way during your sermon and I’m apparently not mentally engaged – I’m thinking of roast beef, potatoes, carrots, peas, and coconut cream pie – and yes I want it this Sunday Donna – thanks.

    In the Panama canal zone in 1969 our favorite at the club house next door was iguana crepes.

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