Questions about moving GSM to Sunday AM for the Summer

Beginning this Sunday, April 22, we will have two identical student services (GSM) on Sunday morning: 10:30am and 12:00pm.  This will be our Summer schedule until school begins in August.

Why are we doing this?  The easy answer is to reach and disciple more students for Christ.  In the context of our ministry and the culture we are trying to reach, we have found that people are extremely busy.  It is difficult for families to bring their students back to church on Sunday nights.  Whenever we have had a student service (GSM) on Sunday morning, our attendance numbers double (100% growth).  Sunday morning is still the best possible time for church in our community.

Normally in the Summer, we do not even try to have GSM (Sunday or Wednesday nights), because EVERYONE is in and out of town with camps, vacations, ball tournaments, etc.  So, in order to more effectively minister to the students, we are trying something new.  The reason we have not done this is the past is because we do not have the space on Sunday morning, and I personally like the students in the main service. But I am willing to die to my personal preference to help more kids grow spiritually.  So, we are building a wall and dividing the frontroom in half.  Half will still be used for children (1st-3rd grades) and the other half for students (6th-12th grades).


Can students still come to the main service?  YES

Can students come to the main service, then go to GSM?  YES…this is ideal

Can students go to GSM, then come to the main service? YES…this is also ideal

Can students only go to the main service? YES

Can students only go to GSM? YES

Can students go to both GSM services (10:30/Noon)? YES

Can students serve at the 9:00am service, then go to GSM at 10:30? YES

Can students go to the main service at 9:00am, serve in children’s area a 10:30am, then go to the GSM service at 12:00pm?  YES (I.e. Julia Howes)

What about students who go to another church on Sunday morning?  They can still go to their church and hustle over to Graystone for the 12:00pm GSM service.

Will the students still have fun Summer events for fellowship?  YES

If you have any more questions, you can shoot our Student Pastor, Nate Rector, an email:

Bottom line:  We have a heart for students.  We want to see them grow spiritually and walk the narrow path (Matthew 7:13-14).  We are willing to try and do anything as long as it is Biblical, moral, and legal.  And ultimately, it comes down to the parents.  Parents, please make your child’s spiritual well-being a priority.  Graystone is willing to partner with you any way we can.

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  1. This is all really great! But next time, could you say “shoot an email to the student pastor” instead? It sounds less violent and scary. Thanks so much!

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