Friday 5: Random Thoughts

What jumps out to you most about this picture?

1.  As far a commitment to God goes, I personally think attending church the Sunday after Easter is more important than attending Easter Sunday.  I mean, doesn’t EVERYONE go to church on Easter?  I would love to see some CEO’s get on a 2 week church attendance streak.  I’m really curious to see how many people show up this Sunday.

2. I don’t care how many people attend Graystone, I am not preaching in a pair of skinny jeans.  BTW, I don’t think they make skinny jeans to fit someone of my girth.  And if they do, that ain’t right.  NO ONE wants to see me in a pair.  If you have not noticed, I have a lot of junk in the trunk.

3.This week I read a quote something like, “Real Christians don’t drink beer…only wine coolers.” HA!  Do they still make wine coolers?  Was it Bartles and Jaymes? Or is that a lemonade?  BTW, the kids like drinking virgin daiquiris at the beach.

4.  Building sand castles at the beach with the kids = Cleaning the kitchen 🙂

5.  Building…Graystone Church is under construction AGAIN.  We are creating MORE space for kids on Sunday morning.  I will share more next week.  BTW, it is already paid for.  God is good!

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  1. SEVERAL things jump out at me, but I’m hoping you guys will mention some of them. To get the ball rolling let me point out one: Matt Shirley has HAIR.

  2. Chad Fagan via FB
    Well the first thing that jumped out a me was the Fresh air conditioning unit! How cool was that?

    The second thing that jumps out at me is the 5 Gallon bucket holding up the sound system.

    Third thing, I’d hate to be late and have to crawl under the garage door.

    Fourth thing, Someone cleaned the garage door as high as they could reach and left the top alone.

    Now paging the owner of a black purse!

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