Friday 5: Easter Sunday at Graystone

5.  The Graystone Kids Area looks amazing and is ready for Easter Sunday.  The touch screen and key card children’s check ins are installed and ready to go.  A big thank you goes out to Rusty, Pete, Shannon, Kyle, Elliott, Katie, Brandi, and whoever else worked on the Project Kids Space Upgrade.  If you have not seen it, you will be blown away.  BTW, Shannon slept at church on Wednesday night.

4. Ryan and KATB will perform a preservice song by one of my favorite bands. Hint: the lead singer goes by one name.  Arrive early so you don’t miss it (8:55, 10:25, 11:55).

3. Our first church plant, Valleytown Church, is launching Easter Sunday in Wilmington, VT.  We have a mission team serving there this week.  They are having a big community-wide Easter Egg Hunt on Saturday and inviting people to church.  Let’s pray for God to continue to have His hand and favor on Valleytown.  I am so proud of Ben, Tiffany and the entire team.

2. If possible, please attend the 9:00am or 12:00pm service.  I know I’ve said this 7000x’s, but let’s make room at 10:30 for new and not so regular attenders.  A small sacrifice of attending a service a little bit earlier or a little bit later could be the difference in someone’s life being changed for all eternity.  Let’s pray for those who have not been in a while to feel loved and accepted.

1.  Easter is all about the RESURRECTION of Jesus Christ!  Yes, I’m excited that Graystone will be packed and the impact we will have on thousands of people.  But I am more excited to worship God and celebrate all He has done for me.

The RESURRECTION is the greatest event in the history of the world, and it is in the person of Jesus Christ.  The RESURRECTION changes everything.  The RESURRECTION enables us to conquer sin, conquer death, and conquer Hell.  The RESURRECTION brings us back to God and equips us to live for all eternity.  God has the power to RESURRECT our souls, our lives, our dreams, our broken relationships, our bodies, our finances, our health, our families, our church, our careers, our community, our economy, and our country.

I’m not sure of all that God will do this Easter Sunday.  But I know that He has the power to do whatever He wants, and I cannot wait to worship Him.  Let’s come expecting God to do great things.

Praying for miracles!


Prestons, Chris Hunt and members of Graystone Mission Team

Valleytown Church Sunday Morning Worship Space

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