Friday 50: Haiti, Goats, A Naked Woman, Easter Eggs, March Madness, Bruno Mars, How to Have An Affair & More

Dale, Jerry Carnill, Jim, and Me

1. I ate goat in Haiti.

2. They cook the entire animal.  I’m not sure what part I ate.  My guess is ankle?

3. At the mission, they cook on an open campfire.

4. $20/month feeds a kid at the school for a month and gives him/her a Christian education.

5.  The teachers were very impressive.  They only make $100 a month.

6. I got to meet all 130 kids that folks are sponsoring through Graystone.  

7.  The children are very well behaved, and you can see the love of God in them.

8.  I loved hearing them sing Christian songs and hymns.

9.  They recite Psalm 23 each morning when school begins.

10.  There is no running water at the church/school/mission.

11.  They do have a toilet that flushes.

12. Jim clogged it up but got it unclogged with a coat hanger and a prayer.

13.  During my chapel message, I told the kids that Jim was one of the fastest men in America.

14. Jim raced one of the boys and lost.

15.  Jim also jumped roped with the girls.  I have it on video.  It is priceless.

16.  One of the orphans asked Jim if he could come home with him to America.

17.  The orphanage at the mission is two tents.

18. The roof on the church/school is falling down.

19. I’m hoping our mission team this Summer can rebuild the roof and make it safe.

20.Pastor Jeff is making a major sacrifice to live in Haiti under primitive conditions and without his family.

21.  The church, Voice of Christ, owns 50 acres and has an great master plan for the property.

22.  Pastor Jeff’s parents donated 30 acres of the land to Voice of Christ.

23.  Pastor Jeff’s vision is to reach Haiti for Christ.

24. In order to get to the mission, you have to drive on a dirt road over a mountain and through a couple of creeks/rivers.

25.  Jim loved driving the Land Cruiser.

26.  In Port-au-Prince, we saw hundreds of thousands of people living in tents.

27.  Port-au-Prince is overcrowded and dirty.  There is still wreckage from the earthquake and debris everywhere.  It looks like a war zone.

28. In the middle of downtown Port-au-Prince, we saw a skinny, weathered lady take off all her clothes, squat by the street and drink water running down the curb.  It was horrifying and sad.

29.  At the hotel room in Port-au-Prince at 4:00AM in my sleep, I almost attacked Dale coming out of the bathroom.  Once I realized it was Dale, I said, “Hi Dale” and went back to bed.

30.  I have many more stories and so much more to share about our trip to Haiti, but I will save the rest for Vision Night (part 2).

31.  Vision Night will be next Wednesday, March 21 at 7:00PM.  Childcare is provided.

32. At Vision Night, we will also celebrate some of the incredible things God is doing at Graystone.

33.  For example, we had over 400 people last Sunday at the noon service.

34.  And we will spend some time praying for our Easter Egg Outreach Event and our Easter services on April 8.  BTW, Easter is only 4 Sundays away.  Who are you inviting?

35.  We have 15,000 plastic eggs for the Egg Hunt on March 25 at 5:30PM.  We still need tons and tons of candy to fill the eggs.  If you can donate any candy, it would be greatly appreciated!

36.  I’m pretty sure Jessie will spend the majority of the Egg Hunt in the petting zoo.  I’m going to try and keep her away from the goats.

37.  This Sunday at Graystone will be the most powerful service in the Marriage Wars series.

38.  KATB will open the service with a Bruno Mars song.  Don’t be late, or you will miss it.

39.  I had never heard of Bruno Mars until the Grammy’s.

40.  Adele is now my favorite singer.  Not really but I do know who she is.

41.  I’m pretty sure Ryan Brooks is singing Sunday but don’t hold me to it.

42.  I think Ryan should try out for The Voice.

43.  Cee Lo Green is creepy.

44. We had our annual March Madness lunch yesterday with Matt Harvie.  It was great to see him, and we had fun at Wild Wings with 680 The Fan.  One of the fan girls flirted with Matt and gave him a free T-shirt.

45.  I always pick the wrong 5 vs 12 upset.  I have Kentucky, UNC, Mizzou, and FSU in my Final Four.

46.  This Sunday is a great Sunday to invite a friend to Graystone.  Aren’t they all?  Seriously, there are so many creative elements, and we will have a very powerful, spirit-filled response time after the message.

47.  The title of my message this Sunday is “How to Have An Affair”.

48.  Over the last several years, I’ve seen dozens and dozens of affairs happen. I’m going to share with you how they happen, so you can protect against one from killing your marriage.

49.  I do not want to see any more Graystone families have to go through the pain of an affair and subsequent divorce.  We are in a war.  And I hope EVERYONE is committed to fight for their marriages and families.

50.  I have somehow managed to work the American Dream Dusty Rhodes into this week’s message. AGAIN.

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  1. #8/9: Elizabeth Elliott talks about reciting verses and singing hymns with her family every morning while she was growing up. Whenever she gets together with her siblings now, they still sing together. Everyone of them has lived their entire life for Christ and have children who do the same.

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