Friday Fact or Fiction (Stream of Consciousness)

1.  Last night in the batting cage, our clean up batter hit a line drive into the side of my skull and knocked me off my feet.  As I was lying on my back half conscious and my ear bleeding, a lady from another team brought me an ice pack, and I faintly heard her say, “Isn’t that the preacher?  That isn’t supposed to happen to the preacher.”  I wish her theology was accurate.

2. Speaking of theology, the elders of Graystone had a great discussion/debate Wednesday night about a young earth (4000-5000 years old) verses an old earth (umpteen billion years old).  In the 7 days of creation, did God create the heavens and earth in literal 24 hour periods or were the days eras of time (I.e. 1000 years?)  We also discussed theistic evolution vs creation, the trinity, a little eschatology, and demon possession.

3.  Which reminds me, this Sunday I am preaching on 7 Marriage Killers.  One of the marriage killers is demon-possessed in laws.  Hopefully, you do not have any demons in your family.  Most families have one or two crazy people.  If you don’t know who they are, then it is probably you.

4.  Also on Sunday, Jennifer and I will be answering several of the most asked questions about marriage.  My favorite question came from a wife and she actually signed her name.  It said, “How many times a week do ya’ll have sex?  What is normal frequency for a healthy young married couple?”  Now, I know one reason why this couple has such a happy marriage.

5. Speaking of, Kyle is heading up the design team of Project Kids Space.  He and Shannon have done such an incredible job that HGTV’s Design on a Dime has approached them about doing a TV special.  If you have not seen it, the kids area looks AMAZING!

6. (A little lagniappe) Kyle is singing a country song this Sunday at Graystone.  Who’d a thunk it?

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  1. That is crazy. I have always wondered whether the 7 days were literally 24 hr days or in 1000s or 10000s of years. I have never mentioned that to anyone. I would have loved that discussion.

  2. 2 things: thanks for putting me on the spot with Todd. AND this is one of your funnier blogs. Laughed out loud at #3

    • Jennifer thought it was funny too. I don’t get what’s so funny about me laying on the ground with my ear busted. BTW, I put you on the spot on purpose.

  3. Is Adam (the first Adam, not Adam Wilson) real – is the imputation of sin literal or figurative? What other parts of the Bible should we believe to be allegorical? Given the generations in Matthew and Luke, and given the exactness of creation, and given the proper definition of the “day” in Genesis, and given that we have a big God – then 5,000 to 8,000 years yes. And yes it was a literal 24 hours, and yes Adam was created older, as was the earth.

    And then there is the evolutionists which believe that the earth is 4.54 billion years old to accomplish this – no maybe 600 million years old, and then again maybe only 1.0 billion years old. All from brilliant scientist – who literally don’t have a clue. Until the brilliant minds can get together and get their difference down to say maybe 1 million years, then I will not pay attention to them. But until then it is 5,000 to 8,000 years old.

    Why can’t we believe in a God who can do the greatest miracle, rather than give Him help in explaining the miracle. So God made creation in 6 days – which included the ability to see stars millions of light years away – at the day of creation.

    • I agree. If you can accept the possibility of the supernatural; of God being powerful enough to raise Jesus from the dead, and do all the miracles reported in the Gospels, why wouldn’t He be able to create the world -with aging features built-in, in 7 24hrs days?

      Genesis 2 tells us that God created Eve from Adam (not Wilson)’s rib, “Then the rib which the Lord God had taken from man He made into a *woman* [Hebrew ”ishshah’ that describes a grown up female], and He brought her to the man”. Was Eve a newborn baby? no. She was a woman, though technically she was just a few minutes old, she was created with aging features that made her look like a grown up woman. Same with earth, though it’s about 8,000 years old, it was created with aging features that makes it look like millions of years old.

      My 2 pesos.

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