7 Things Going on Behind the Scenes at Graystone

As many of you know, Graystone is always growing, changing and moving forward.  For those of you who like to be in the know, here are 7 things going on behind the scenes:

1.  We are no longer giving out free coffee mugs to first-time visitors.  Instead of buying coffee mugs, we are using that money to make a $5 donation to orphan care in honor of our first-time guest.  It allows our guest to give to a worthy cause, and it helps us be a church that cares for orphans.  I call that a win win.

2. We are changing to a new database system, Fellowship 1.  There are over 9000 people in our database with dozens of groups, so you can imagine what a massive undertaking this is.  The new system will make EVERYTHING better and more efficient especially small groups, volunteer ministry and children’s check in.

3.   The children’s ministry will soon have computer check in on touch screens.  This will make the children’s check in quicker, more convenient and safer.  We are moving up to the 21st century.  We will ask a few of you this Sunday to try it out, and we hope it will be fully up and running before Easter Sunday.

4. The P.K.S. (Project Kids Space) renovation is well underway.  The design team is creating the entire kids area to look like a small town.  Each classroom will look like a different store front (fire station, toy store, post office, cafe, etc.).  It looks amazing already.  We hope to have it completed by Easter.  BTW, Easter is only 5 Sundays away (April 8).  Who are you inviting?

5. We are having a special prayer service on Wednesday, March 21 at 7:00.  This service is for anyone and everyone but especially people who are a part of the Graystone Team (staff, small group leaders, volunteers, members, etc.).  It will be similar to the feel of Vision Night, and we will focus on praying for the Egg Hunt Outreach Event (March 25) and Easter Sunday (Did I mention that Easter is only 5 Sundays away?).  Please mark your calendars.  Childcare is provided but you are on your own for dinner.

6. You can now watch the Graystone messages on your phone and mobile devices.  Also, you can listen to an MP3 and hopefully, in the near future, you can download a podcast.  This is top secret and Heath will probably kill me for leaking this info but in the works is a Graystone App for iphones, ipads, and android phones. And after 2 years, we FINALLY updated the welcome video on our website.

7. Jim, Dale Rector, Jerry Carnill and I are going on a quick mission trip to Haiti next week.  We will be visiting Pastor Jeff and Voice of Christ Ministries that we are partnering with for orphan care and church planting.  We will have an opportunity to meet the 126 orphans that people are sponsoring through Graystone Church and see their school, church and living conditions.  I will also have an opportunity to speak/share with them.  Thank you for your prayers!

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